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The Best Church Ads Include Landing Pages

Advertising is everywhere, but churches seldom think about what makes the best church ads. There are some who think churches shouldn’t advertise at all. These individuals believe the Holy Spirit will direct people to the church so there should be no need for advertisement. In their eyes church advertisement is using human control for something that should ultimately be up to God.

But, God often sends people to share the message of Jesus instead of revealing himself in some miraculous way. In the same way, God will multiply our human evangelistic efforts through advertisements instead of sending people to our churches out of nowhere. Evangelism is all about sharing the message of Jesus and church advertisements are simply paying to share the message of Jesus with a larger crowd.

Creating Effective Ads

There are multiple parts to creating the most effective ads possible. Ads should have a target audience and focus on a specific keyword, connected to what your church’s audience may search for online. It’s important to note that your keyword may circle around a specific ministry within your church. If your church has a great men’s ministry, then your advertisement may focus on “men’s ministry in (your city)”. But, the best church ads will also use a landing page. Landing pages are webpages built around specific keywords. They load fast and connect directly with your church advertisement. If your church is thinking about investing in online advertisements, make sure you’re creating specific landing pages for each ad.

Missional Marketing is Here to Help

The experts at Missional Marketing want to let you know you don’t have to build online advertisements alone. We’d love to help your church create the best church ads possible. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to send us an e-mail at: info@missionalmarketing.com


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