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Landing Pages Improve Church Search Rankings

Search rankings matter. Search engines like Google experience billions of searches each month. Any organization looking to connect with potential customers will look to rank as high as possible in search results. Therefore,  the higher your company ranks, the more likely a person is to click on your site. Those earning the coveted first search result spot earn 32% of the web traffic from that search. Clearly, the higher your search results, the more traffic your website receives.

Church Search Rankings

Church search results matter. If an individual is searching online for a great local church, your church wants to be as high as possible in their search results. The higher your church ranks in their results, the more likely they are to click on your website. There was a day when people would visit the church closest to their home, or one they pass along their daily route. Today, this is not the case. Instead, those searching for churches first visit a church website. The church website acts like the public welcome mat, giving newcomers a feel for the church. Visitors will determine whether they want to visit a church based on the church website. But, first a church must earn the highest search rankings possible. One of the most effective ways to earn higher Google results is through landing pages.

Church Landing Pages

Implementing church landing pages are an important step in increasing your church’s rankings. Google uses complex algorithms to determine the most relevant results for every online search. The better your church website aligns with keywords, the higher your results will be for those keywords. Church landing pages helps with this process.

Landing pages are simple web pages that are made to load fast and are built around specific keywords. Landing pages can be connected with Google adwords for optimal use. A church might create an ad for, “Great churches in (city)”. The ad will include a link. The link will take a person to a web page built around that specific term. The web page will act and look just like your church website, except it’s created only for that keyword. The landing page will then offer multiple connections to connect, grow, and visit the church.

If your church is looking to increase your search rankings, consider implementing church landing pages. If you’d like to learn more about how landing pages can help your church, please contact us at info@missionalmarketing.com.


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