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Increase Site Visitors with Church Landing Pages

Increasing church site visitors can help increase church attendance. Every church is looking to grow. But, the church today does not hold the power or prestige it once did decades ago. People wonder why the church exists or even matters to their lives.

This presents the church with multiple challenges today. In order for the church to grow, they are forced to find new ways to connect with those searching for spiritual answers. Therefore,  increasing the number of individuals visiting a church’s site each month will soon translate into new people attending services each week. So, more site visitors soon turns into higher church attendance.

Increase Site Visitors with Church Landing Pages

There are many ways a church can increase visitors to their site. First, your church should make sure your website is optimized for search engines (SEO). This is the process where you make sure Google and other search engines clearly understand the nature of your church. In this process you share your content with Google so they can begin sending people those who could be interested in your content to your website.  Your church can begin a church blog or church ministry blog.  Another way is by creating a church landing page.

Church Landing Pages

A church landing page acts like a neon billboard on the highway of the internet, advertising something specific to those passing by. Church landing pages are specific sites, connected to your church website, focused on a specific ministry or subject.

Therefore, the goal of each landing page is not to be a complete website. Instead, the goal is to give those searching quick, relevant content for the subject they were searching. The landing page will then to re-direct them to the church’s main website for more information.

You can find examples of landing pages HERE

Church Landing Pages and Online Ads

Church landing pages connect with online church ads for optimal effectiveness. The way it works is a church will post an ad built around a specific keyword or church ministry. But, instead of directing those clicking on the ad to the main church website, the ad will direct people to a landing page. Those searching for that specific subject will find the content on the landing page relevant and hopefully head to the church’s main site to find out more.

Google will then increase your church’s Google Quality Score, sending more searching souls to your site. The more site visitors your church receives, the higher the chances those individuals will want to attend on a Sunday for the first time.

If your church would like to learn more about Landing Pages, click HERE

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