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Effective Church Advertising

Church advertising is essential for every church in the market today. People are bombarded with thousands of images and messages everyday. Companies tell us drinking their product or wearing their clothes will make us happy. They inform us that using their product will help us find purpose and friendship. But, the truth is only Jesus can fill our deepest needs.

In this media-driven culture, the church has two options. We can run away as we point out the futility of every false message. Or, we can engage culture and attempt to share a new message with the masses, the message of Jesus. Church advertising is a way to engage with those searching online. It’s a way to let those searching know the church may have some of the answers they seek.

Church Advertising on the Offensive

Advertising is a way for the church to put themselves out there. It’s way to go after those who feel far from God. Unfortunately, some churches believe advertising is unspiritual. They believe God will bring those searching to them. Ideally, the unchurched would know the church holds the answer to spiritual questions. But, unfortunately many people today do not trust the church. they have no reason to believe the church is relevant to their lives or could help them with real issues.

Because of this, the church today must work harder to go after people. The church must work hard to help people understand why it maters and how it can help. The church must also help re-instill trust in them as an organization. Advertising is a way to be present in people’s lives. It’s a way to let people know there’s something else out there, other than soda or makeup that will make you happy.

Landing Pages and Advertising

But, not every advertisement is equal. Google decides what advertisements it will show to people. Advertisements should be as specific as possible so those clicking on your ad will not be disappointed. For example, if your church has an ad for marriage help, a person clicking on your ad does not want to be taken to the main page of your church website. One of the best ways to do this is through landing pages.

Landing pages are simple pages created around one specific keyword. They’re created to load fast and direct people to a specific page on your website. If your church is dedicating resources into online advertising, then they should also invest in a landing page for that advertisement. Landing pages will increase the effectiveness of every online ad. This means more people will see your ad, increasing overall web traffic to your website.

Advertising Help

If your church is thinking about setting up an online advertisement and need help. Or, if you already have a church ad going, but would like to make it more effective, we’d love to help. The experts at Missional Marketing are prepared to do everything they can to increase your church’s online presence. We want to help your church share the life-changing message of Jesus with every person in your community. If you’d like to learn more or find out how we can help your church, CLICK HERE.


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