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Effective Advertising for Churches

Advertising for Churches 

Some believe advertising for churches is not Biblical. These individuals question whether man should “sell” the church to the world t through his/her own power. Instead, they believe the church should serve those the Lord brings to them. They believe God calls the lost to faith and the church’s job is to tend to those the Lord sends.

The challenge is this belief is not actually described in the Bible. Through the example of Jesus and the early church, the exact opposite was exemplified. Jesus constantly went out preaching and healing crowds. He could have chosen to sit and wait for those the Lord sent him. Instead, he went out and met people. Similarly, God sent the apostle Paul out to begin churches. He traveled around, met people, and began churches. Today, advertising is nothing more than a way to “go out” and share the message of Jesus with a broad audience.

Church Advertising and Evangelism

The apostle Paul shared how he would do whatever it took to win new converts to Christ. Paul passionately wanted to share the transformational message of Jesus with the world. In the first century there was a marketplace, a physical space where people went to meet and share ideas. Today, the marketplace is not physical, it’s virtual. The marketplace of today is the internet.

The internet is full of competing messages, telling people what’s missing from their lives. Advertisers share how their product will improve your life and fulfill your deepest needs. But, followers of Jesus know no purchased product can replace one’s need for God. Advertising for churches plays a significant role to let people know there’s a better way. Our world needs to know local churches are available to help. People who feel far from God need to know there’s hope for their hurts.

Church advertising not only shares the message of Jesus in the marketplace of today, it also shares the message of Jesu with those how need it most. Yes, there was a day when people might attend church because it’s located near their house. But, those days are gone. Today, the church must go out and truly become what Jesus called, “Fishers of men“. This means the church must go out and find people far from God and help them understand the role the church can play in their life. This happens when churches use effective online advertising.

Here to Help

The experts at Missional Marketing are help to help your church. We are ready to help with advertising for churches. If you would like to learn more about advertising for churches, or how advertising can help your church grow, please contact us. We’d love to talk through how to help your church today.


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