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Make your Church Website Work Harder with Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages are one secret behind effective church websites. But, why do church websites even matter? Your church website is more than just a glorified brochure for your church. Your website is a vibrant, living, front door to your church. It’s the safe place first time attenders will check before visiting for the first time. It is the first official impression a person will have of your church.

In our increasingly technological world, it is vital that churches continue to develop their online presence, even as they invest and develop their physical presence. A church ignoring their website is like a person beautifully remodeling a house while neglecting the old chipping paint and rotting wooden door on the front of the house. It may be beautiful on the inside, but there’s a good chance no one would ever hang around long enough to find out. First impressions matter.

Besides all this, great church websites actually increase web traffic to your site through Google. Google uses complex algorithms to connect the most relevant data to those searching online. Effective church webpages will focus on specific keywords so Google can direct those searching locally to your church ministries.

 Church Landing Pages Make a Difference 

Church landing pages have the power to increase traffic to your church website. Landing pages are separate webpages created around specific keywords. For example, if a person in your city is suffering with depression, they might search Google for the term, “depression help”. Imagine if your church created a specific page built around the term, “depression help”. This page could give some general information, but then encouraged those searching to click a link to a page on your church’s website dedicated to helping those with depression.

You can find examples of landing pages HERE.

Pages built around people’s felt needs will encourage them to dig deeper into your church site. Also, individuals who find relevant information on your site will be more likely to want to visit your church. They’ll also be more likely to believe they’ll fit in, in your church.

Church landing pages are built to load fast. They’re also created around specific terms, connected directly with keywords people might search for online. Landing pages have the power to substantially increase traffic to your church website. If your church is looking for a way to increase web traffic, consider church landing pages.

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