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Church Landing Pages Increase Web Traffic

Church landing pages can increase web traffic to your church’s website. Today, churches continue to seek new ways to connect with the unchurched. Gone are the days where people would stop by and visit your church because it was close to where they lived. Today, people tend to ignore church, regardless of where it’s located. As church try to find new ways to connect with searching souls, online advertisement has become essential.

Online Advertisement

Churches have come to realize that online advertisement is essential to reaching younger generations with the gospel of Jesus. Everyday thousands of people living near the church are searching for spiritual answers to life’s biggest questions. Those churches ready to engage with these searching souls are primed for increased web traffic to their website. On the other hand, those churches ignoring those searching online will never experience increased web traffic. One of the best ways to increase web traffic to your church’s site is through the use of church landing pages.

Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages are simple pages on your church’s website. The only difference is they’re built to load fast. Also, they’re created around specific keywords. Landing pages work best when connected to an online advertisement. For example your church could have an advertisement for an upcoming VBS. The advertisement on Google could say, “Exciting VBS for kids”. But, when a person click on this ad, they do not want to be taken to your main church website. Instead, they want to be taken to a web page dedicated to your church’s VBS.

A landing page will help inform Google that your web page is a source of meaningful content for anyone searching for that term. Google is always scouring the internet, looking for the most relevant data. Church landing pages plays two purposes. First, it shares relevant data with those clicking on your church ads. Second, they help Google send those searching online for that keyword to your website.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to increase web traffic to your church website, church landing pages could be what you’re missing.

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