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Church Advertisement Improved by Landing Pages

Church Advertisement

Church advertisement is an essential part to church growth. There was a day when Field of Dreams quote, “If you build it, he will come” rang true. People would actively search out churches near their house to attend. But, those days are far gone. Today, people question whether faith has any meaningful place in their lives. Because of this, churches must go out and help communities see the value of church. This happens through church advertisement.

Types of Advertisement for Churches 

There are many types of advertisement for churches. Advertisement can be organic or paid.

Organic advertisement happens naturally. This is where Google directs those searching online to your site because it offers the most relevant data to the person searching. It can also happen when your church creates high quality content that people want to share on social media. Each share expands the influence of your church and the power of the post. The best benefit to organic advertisement is the cost- FREE. Churches should constantly look to improve their online content to use as much organic advertisement as possible.

Paid advertisements are those a church pays to share. Paid church advertisement can happen on Facebook, or in Google’s search or display network. Paid advertisements help drive people to your website. They give your church an opportunity to share the message of Jesus with individuals who may not already be within the sphere of your social media influence. The benefit to paid church advertisements is the guaranteed ability to reach a wide audience with the message of the church.

Advertisements and Church Growth 

Church advertisements have the power to help grow your church. The more online traffic your church receives, the higher the chance individuals will try out your church on a Sunday morning. Today, most people will check out a church’s website long before they ever decide to attend physically. So, the more effect a church’s online presence, the greater the chance that church will have for overall growth.

One of the puzzle pieces that can help improve a church’s website, and the effectiveness of their online advertisements is landing pages.

Church Landing Pages and Advertising 

Church landing pages work with paid advertisements. They are small web pages dedicated to one subject. So, when a person clicks an ad for a “men’s ministry”, instead of taking the person to the church’s main webpage, the link will take them to a page dedicated to “men’s ministry.”

Landing pages not only help those searching find the most relevant info after clicking on an online ad, it also improves the church’s ranking in Google. The more your church creates relevant content for those searching, the more often it will suggest your website to those searching. Ads built around specific phrases show Google that your church has helpful information on those particular subjects.

They are also created to load fast. This is something else Google likes. Landing pages are designed to be simple gateways to a church’s main site. But, because they’re simple and built around one subject, Google is more likely to share their content with those searching online.

Here to Help

If you would like to learn more about landing pages, we’d love to help. Experts at Missional Marketing are ready to help your church improve your online presence in many ways. If you’d like to learn more, e-mail us at info@missionalmarketing.com.


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