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Boost Search Campaigns with Landing Pages

Landing pages may hold the secret to increasing the effectiveness of your next Google search campaign. They also may help increase web traffic to your church website and even help grow your church. If your church is starting a new Google search campaign, consider creating a landing page first.

Google Search Campaign

There’s no question that Google rules the internet. Google makes rules about how to create the most effective ads online. They use complex algorithms to identify the most relevant information for every keyword imaginable. Effective Google search campaigns use keywords to connect those searching to relevant information.

Keywords are the key to an effective search campaign. People search the internet with felt needs, hoping to find relevant information. Google then looks for the most relevant info possible. The stronger the connection, the higher Google will rate websites that connect to that specific keyword. Effective search campaigns created around keywords are great, but they can be even better. Search campaigns will increase effectiveness with landing pages.

Boosting Search Campaigns

Church landing pages act like web pages, but load quickly and direct people to the main website. They work with search campaigns to increase relevancy to the keywords. They will help increase the Google quality score for web pages connect to specific keywords, boosting web traffic.

Missional Marketing has created a whole group of effective landing pages, ready for your church to use. All you have to do is choose the keyword that best fits your need and we’ll do the rest. We want to do everything in our power to help your church succeed, grow, and impact your community with the message of Jesus. We want your church to illuminate the internet with God’s love. If you are thinking about starting an online campaign, we’d love to help you get started.

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