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Advertising Your Church Using Landing Pages

Advertising your church is essential for every church today.  It’s important to let the world know who you are and what you do. But, there are many people and pastors who question the importance of church advertising. They believe people should be led by God’s spirit to church. Also, they do not want to support people’s dependency on our media-drenched culture’s need for information. Instead, they want to depend on God’s ability to move men’s hearts to seek out spiritually significant opportunities.

Why the Church Should Advertise

The church should advertise for the same reason we should share the good news of Jesus with our neighbors. If we have good news, we should share it. Instead of depending on the Holy Spirit to tell our neighbors or family members about Jesus, God has entrusted us with the responsibility to share the truth about God’s love. In the same way, advertising is simply sharing the good news of Jesus on a broader scale to more people. Instead of telling one neighbor about Jesus, advertising is like telling the whole neighborhood at the same time.

But, advertising isn’t enough. Simply putting up an ad on Facebook or Google adwords doesn’t ensure enough people will hear the message of Jesus. Your church should make sure your ads are working as effectively as possible. If your church will run an effective ad, Google will gladly share that ad with as many people as possible. One of the best ways to create the most effective ads possible is through landing pages.

Landing Pages for Effective Church Advertisements

Landing pages act like simple web pages built around specific keywords. For example, if an ad on Google is built around the keyword, “children’s event”, then it wouldn’t make sense for that ad to take a person to the church’s main page. Instead, if a person is interested in clicking on that ad, it should take them directly to a page built around the phrase “children’s event”.

Building a web page connected to the content of advertisements will increase Google’s likelihood of sharing your ad with consumers. The more relevant they determine your content is, the more likely they will send people to your web page. This will not only increase those clicking on your ad, but the number of people Google will send to your site in general for those seeking that word or phrase.

Here to Help with Landing Pages 

If your church would like to learn more about advertising your church online, or landing pages, the experts at Missional Marketing would love to help. Everyday we help churches all across the country effectively share the message of Jesus with the world. Effective online advertisements opens up your church’s ability to reach far beyond your specific city. Click HERE to learn more about landing pages. You can also reach out by sending us an e-mail at: info@missionalmarketing.com


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