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3 Reasons SEO Professionals Use Landing Pages

Seo Professionals are always looking for new ways to create the most relevant content for those searching the internet for answers. Google is also always looking for the the most relevant content for those searching online. The more relevant the content to those searching, the happier they are with their search results.

The goal of a SEO professional is to help Google see and understand their content. The better Google understands the nature of your online content, the more likely they will be to send people to your website. Increased site visitors equals increased church visitors.

Landing Pages

One of the secrets SEO professionals use to increase website traffic is landing pages. Landing pages act like the welcome mat to a church’s website. They’re built to load fast and are built around specific keywords. Instead of being their own website, they’re connected to your church’s website. The goal is for a person to find their way to a relevant landing page. A person would then transition to the church’s main website to learn more.

3 Reasons SEO Professionals Use Landing Pages

1. Improves Google Quality Score: Google gives every site on the internet a score. The more relevant your content to a specific keyword, along with other factors, the higher your Google Quality Score. Also, the higher your quality score, the higher and more often your church’s Google Ad will show online.

2. Creates the Most Relevant Content: Landing pages are built around specific keywords. Therefore, Google will find your landing page extremely relevant for that specific keyword. The more relevant your content, the more often Google will send people to your site for that keyword.

2. Increases Site Visitors: SEO professionals know the more site visitors your church receives, the more potential visitors on a Sunday morning. The use of landing pages is an excellent way to increase overall traffic to a church’s website. Landing pages will also improve Google’s view of the church’s overall site content.

Learning More

If your church would like to learn more about landing pages, click HERE. The SEO professionals at Missional Marketing are read to help your church increase web traffic. Increased web traffic will soon turn into new visitors attending your church each week.


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